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Coping and Living With Traumatic Brain Injury

Managing Post-Traumatic Headaches After Traumatic Brain Injury - VHL HealthSheet #41359_VA
traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a sudden jolt to your head that changes the way your brain works. It’s not surprising that headache would be the most common physical symptom after a brain injury. Because a jolt to your head also causes a jolt to your neck, headaches with neck pain are the most common types of pain after a TBI. The type of headache you get does not depend on the severity of your TBI is.
Improving Cognition After Traumatic Brain Injury - VHL HealthSheet #41361_VA
After TBI, you may have trouble remembering things, getting organized, or finding the right words to use when speaking. These types of brain functions are called cognition.
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More than half of people with a TBI have sleep problems.

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