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How to Manage Diabetes

Understanding Diabetes Medications

Oral Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes - VHL HealthSheet #82114_VA
Diabetes pills can help to manage your blood sugar. These pills are not insulin. They work to manage your blood sugar in several ways.
Types of Insulin - VHL HealthSheet #82116_VA
There are five types of insulin. Some kinds of insulin work fast and other kinds work slowly and last longer.
Using Injected Insulin - VHL HealthSheet #82112_VA
Insulin won't work if it's swallowed, so it must be given by injection. Your healthcare team will show you how to give yourself insulin injections.
Insulin and Diabetes - VHL Video
When you have diabetes, your body can’t process glucose, or blood sugar. That’s why you need insulin. Watch and learn more about insulin, how you use it, and how it keeps you healthy.
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