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Signs of Alcohol Addiction (Alcoholism)

Do you want to have more fun, to fit in, to cope better with your problems? It’s as easy as taking a drink—if you believe what you see on television. But if you think that alcohol will improve your life, you’re fooling yourself. The more you regularly rely on alcohol to relax you or get you “up,” the closer you move toward addiction. If you decide you are on the path to addiction, you can take action to keep it under control or find caring people to help you.

Check Your Addiction Level

You may drink to feel more charming or carefree and relaxed. But in reality, alcohol can lead to impaired speech, poor judgment, and inappropriate or risky behavior. Alcohol can also lead to serious health problems, such as liver disease and heart disease. It can also cause loss of mental function. To find out if you may have a problem with alcohol, read the following statements and answer. Answering “yes” to three or more questions may be a signal that alcohol is taking over your life.


  • Do you think a party or social gathering isn’t fun unless alcohol is served?

  • Have family members, friends, or coworkers ever commented on your drinking?

  • Do you have friends you drink with?

  • Do you look forward to your next drink?

  • If you only drink after work or on weekends, do you think you don’t have a problem?

  • Are family members or friends beginning to avoid you?

  • Have you unsuccessfully tried to cut down or quit using alcohol?

  • Do you hide your use from other people?

  • Are you beginning to distrust and avoid some people?

  • Do you get up the day after drinking and not remember what happened the night before?

  • Do you have health problems as a result of your drinking?

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