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Cancer happens when cells in the body change and grow out of control. Catching cell changes early is an important part of staying healthy as a woman. Regular screenings are the best way to prevent or find cervical cancer.

  • Suicide Prevention

    Everyone has a role to play in suicide prevention. It’s up to all of us to change the way we think about suicide. These tragedies ARE preventable. One of the most effective ways to do that is to educate colleagues, friends, and family about the warning signs of suicide.

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  • Managing Diabetes with the A1C Test

    You track your blood sugar every day with your glucose meter. But the A1C helps you and your healthcare team know how well your blood sugar is under control over the long term.

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  • Step-by-Step: Checking Your Blood Sugar

    Follow these easy to follow instructions to check your blood sugar with your glucose meter.

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Each winter, millions of people suffer from influenza—the flu. The flu virus infects the nose, throat, and lungs, and spreads from person to person through coughs and sneezes. The video explains why a flu shot is important to help prevent this illness, which can be life-threatening in older adults.

Suicide Prevention

A Veteran may not show any signs of wanting to self-harm before doing so. But there are some signs to look for. And certain conditions that can put a person at risk.


After a stroke, you may feel like life will never be the same. But you can recover. Just take it one step at a time.

Get Screening Tests & Immunizations

Screening tests help look for signs of an illness. Immunizations help prevent certain diseases. Together, they protect health and well-being.

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