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Tests & Treatments

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Diagnostic Tests

Tests give your provider facts about your health. They help identify the disease or condition causing your problem. Tests also help point to the best treatment options.
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Treatments combat a health problem. Your provider will tell you the options you have for treating your condition. Learn more about all kinds of treatments here.
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Aging Veterans Health

As you get older there are various things that can affect your health. Find out more about these health problems and what you can do about them.

Blood Problems

You need blood to live. Blood carries oxygen to your organs and tissues. It also helps fight infections and heal from injuries. Find out more about blood problems and their treatments.

Bone, Joint & Muscle Problems

Bones, joints, and muscles work together to let the body move freely. Problems can lead to pain and trouble with movement. Learn more here.

Brain & Nervous System Problems

The brain and nervous system control how you think, feel, move, and act. Problems of this system include stroke, epilepsy, and Parkinson’s disease.


Cancer occurs when abnormal cells divide and grow out of control. Learn more about types of cancer and their treatments.

Chronic Pain

Pain is called “chronic” when it lasts over a long period of time. Learn more about chronic pain and how it can be managed.

Dental Health

Good dental health is important for the health of the body. Learn more about common dental problems, their treatments, and how to prevent them.


Diabetes is a condition that makes it hard for the body to control blood sugar levels. It can lead to many serious health problems. Learn what you need to know about diabetes and how to manage it.

Digestive Problems

Your digestive system breaks down the food that you eat. It sends what can’t be used out of the body as waste. Learn about problems that affect the digestive tract.

Ear, Nose, & Throat Problems

The ears, nose, and throat are connected, and they often share problems. Learn more about these areas and the conditions that affect them.

Eye Problems

Your eyes allow you to take in the visual world. Learn more about common eye problems and how to prevent and treat serious eye disease.

Heart & Blood Vessel Problems

The heart pumps oxygen-rich blood. Blood vessels carry this blood throughout the body. Certain problems keep the heart and blood vessels from doing their job. Learn more about these and how to prevent them.

Hormone Problems

Find out more about hormone problems and their symptoms.

Immune System Problems

These disorders occur when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and cells by mistake. Learn more about autoimmune disorders and their treatments.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are those that can be passed from person to person. Read more about common ones and learn how to protect yourself.

Kidney Problems

The kidneys filter waste and excess fluids from the blood. Learn more about health problems that stop the kidneys from doing their job.

Lung Problems

Your body needs oxygen to work. The lungs take in this oxygen and send it out to the body. Learn more about diseases and conditions that affect the lungs.

Men's Health

Learn more about men’s health issues, such as prostate problems. Also read more about heart problems and other health issues common in men.

Mental Health

Mental health affects how we think and feel. Good mental health makes it easier to cope, have relationships, and enjoy life. Learn about depression, addiction, grief, and other concerns.

Skin Problems

Skin is the largest organ in the body. Problems with this organ can range from rashes to cancer. Learn more about problems that affect the skin.

Sleep Problems

Sleep helps the body restore itself. Trouble with sleep can be frustrating. It can also have serious health effects. Find out more.

Urinary Problems

The urinary system collects liquid and some chemicals that your body can’t use. It stores it until it leaves your body as urine. Learn about problems that affect this system.

Women’s Health

Health conditions can affect women differently than men. And women have health concerns all their own. Learn about breast health, pregnancy, hormones, and more.
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