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Acute Pain: Opioids Are Not Always the Answer - VHL HealthSheet #41572_VA
Opioids are not the first choice for most types of acute pain.
Fentanyl and Carfentanil - VHL HealthSheet #41573_VA
Fentanyl and carfentanil may be deadly if they are injected.
Opioid Use Disorder - VHL HealthSheet #41567_VA
Learn about medicines for opioid use disorder.
Slowly Stopping Benzodiazepines: Helpful Tips to Getting Off Your Benzodiazepine Successfully - VHL HealthSheet #41569_VA
Some people have a hard time coming off these medicines. Your healthcare provider will work with you to help with the tapering process.
Slowly Stopping Opioid Medicines: Helpful Tips to Getting Off Your Opioid Successfully - VHL HealthSheet #41570_VA
Talk to your healthcare provider about alternatives to opioids and how to safely reduce your opioid medicines.
Risky Drinking, Alcohol Use Disorder, and Alcohol Dependence - VHL HealthSheet #HW130547_VA
Drinking alcohol may help you feel relaxed. But it can also lead to some problems if you drink too much.
Marijuana: Natural = Safe, Right? - VHL HealthSheet #41521_VA
Marijuana may cause problems with both short term and long term use.
Opioid Overdose Rescue with Naloxone Auto-Injector - VHL HealthSheet #41508_VA
How to use the naloxone auto-injector for opioid overdose.
Do You Take Both Opioids and Benzodiazepines? - VHL HealthSheet #41509_VA
Combining opioid and benzodiazepine medicines can be dangerous
Opioid Safety - VHL HealthSheet #41510_VA
Opioid overdose occurs when a person takes more opioids than the body can handle, passes out and has no or very slow breathing.
Choose Before You Use: Opioid Overdose Prevention - VHL HealthSheet #41511_VA
If at all possible, do not use opioids. There is no safe dose of opioids.
Opioid Safety: A Quick Reference Guide - VHL HealthSheet #41512_VA
Opioid medicines are used for treating pain, cough, and addiction.
My Pain Medicine: Am I at Risk for an Accidental Drug Poisoning? - VHL HealthSheet #41514_VA
Do you know what’s true and false about opioids such as prescription pain medicines and heroin?
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